Jill Worm

"When I left my career in the fashion business, I was able to spend my time studying art, which has been a life long interest.  I have pursued painting full time for the last 10 years.  My career in fashion involved the components of color, design and composition. I carry this experience forward into my paintings. 

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin amidst the north woods and small lakes of the region. So when I started painting I naturally gravitated to the landscape. I am captivated by the light and its affect on the landscape forms and colors.  In the summer and fall, I enjoy painting outdoors in the Midwest landscape and also made a trip to paint in Italy. This direct observation in my plein air paintings is a springboard to the studio works in which I use more vibrant color and more abstract compositions in order to capture the feeling of the day and the sense of place.  In the studio, I am also able to paint much larger in size.  The surfaces in the paintings (which are all oil on canvas)  range from thin veils of layered color to  thick applications of paint with the palette knife.  

In 2012 I spent several weeks painting in a hill town in Umbria and this experience inspired a collection of paintings based on the Italian landscape.

I am also fascinated by the architectural landscape surrounding me in my home in Chicago and continue to paint these cityscapes."