Liz Barber Leventhal

Liz Barber Leventhal's paintings contain a wide range of materials. Layers of materials are built up to create depth and movement in her work. She contends that each layer is a catalyst to the next phase of the process. Her paintings begin with a wash of color applied with a brush or by pouring and dripping. Water is then added to the canvas, either thrown or poured in areas, which allows the color to move, mix and interact in unpredictable ways. Leventhal watches and intuitively responds to the movement by interrupting it or not, and the results are sealed and final layers are added to edit the noise in the piece. Her work is either coaxed into forms through her intuition and are purely abstract, or they are referencing nature. Leventhal's work can be seen in private collections and galleries across the United States, as well as in corporate spaces, for which she often is commissioned to inspire.