Barbara Sussberg

From the Artist: "I think of my work as painting a feeling. Sometimes I sit at the beach and just look - at the way the water sparkles as it rolls over the sand, at the patterns created by the waves coming ashore, at the point where the horizon meets the sky. I take that inspiration with me back to my studio and work on translating it with paint and my knife, always beginning from a point of view of color. I have a never ending fascination with the way sunshine reflects on water, how it feels and how it affects the colors of our environment and everyday life. After the initial layers of a painting are established I build the painting by using color and luster to create light, shadow and dimension. I am continuously laying down strokes and stepping away, always asking myself if this painting will capture someone's attention from across a room while also conveying a sense of warmth and tranquility. My first career as the VP/Creative Director of an Interior Textiles firm has had a big influence on my second career as an artist. I focus on creating paintings that will have an impact on the look and feeling of a space. My technique continues to evolve. Although I have taken many workshops and courses with prominent artists I am self taught and always working on new ways to add texture and dimension to my work."